Kicking Candida

A step-by-step guide teaching long-term lifestyle changes to help balance gut microbiome & stop recurring candida.

Hi, I'm Paula!

I created this program for others who are dealing with candida overgrowth like my husband, Travis, and I.

I was fatigued, bloated, and embarrassed by skin rashes and weight gain. Travis dealt with severe joint pain, brain fog, and food sensitivities. We tried juicing, fasting, conventional doctors, and strict diets, but nothing seemed to help.

Then we started researching and putting various ideas together into a series of steps. Our candida symptoms have now been gone for years and haven't returned. I can wear my hair up and enjoy short-sleeved shirts without worrying about my skin. Travis can wrestle the littles and put in a full day's work without a pause.

We feel better in our 40's than we did in our 20's! Let me help you feel the same!

- Paula Miller, creator and former candida sufferer

I got my life back

I had been ill for years, back and forth to doctors, all sorts of tests, scans and scopes. No-one could find out what was wrong with me, yet I was constantly feeling ill. I clearly remember the doctor's face when he saw me and the look of "not you again". I started feeling like they thought that I was a hypochondriac.

After years of battling extreme exhaustion, nausea, ear itching, vaginal infections (the list of my symptoms are endless), I was told I had candida. When I came across Paula’s website the tears just welled up at the thought of someone knowing and understanding what I was going through. She gets me.

Paula’s Kicking Candida Program is easy to follow and most of all it works. Not only have I overcome candida using Paula’s program, but the weight has just fallen off. When I met Paula I wore a size 14, I’m now down to a size 8.

It's difficult to put into words what Paula has done for me. She gave me my life back. I was ready to take my last breath and Paula made me take my first breath to a candida-free life. She laid the pathway and I just had to walk it.

- Collette M.
mother of three

Overcoming poor gut health

My experience thus far has been great. Paula has been such a blessing to me on this journey to overcoming my poor gut health. She's been very involved and I love that she's open and honest about her and her husband's past health issues.

- Tina J.
mom of two, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Gave me the skills and motivation I needed

I’m blessed to be part of the Kicking Candida program. Paula has opened my mind that there are many valuable tools to guide me through healing my gut and I've learned that I need to change my lifestyle habits. 

Her guidance and knowledge throughout the program really gives me skills and motivation that I need toward my candida journey.

- Sandy D.
mother, grandmother

A true wealth of information

I’ve struggled for a while with yeast issues to the point that I have had to be on medication every few months.

You wouldn’t believe what factors will affect candida, and Kicking Candida is a true wealth of information that everyone needs to see for themselves! It’s broken down in a way that won’t overwhelm you, and the pace is reasonable.

- Becca C.
homeschooling mom of four

This program is perfect for you if:

There are over 80 symptoms of 

systemic candida...

"Chronic candidiasis is a classic example of a ‘multifactoral’ condition. Effective treatment involves much more than killing the yeast with anti-fungal agents, whether synthetic or natural."

- Michael T. Murray, ND, Textbook of Natural Medicine

Our Candida Story

Our candida journey, like most people’s, started long before we realized it. We were married right after I finished high school and while Travis was finishing college. Our lives consisted of working, studying, eating boxed or fast food, and late nights.

Several years into our marriage, we noticed that Travis’s nagging back problems were getting worse. We tried new mattresses, chiropractors, and heating pads without relief.

Then suddenly, our lives were turned upside down.

Travis's dad passed away from an intense battle with cancer that took over his body in a matter of months.

We gave birth to our third baby, a beautiful little girl – stillborn 4 days before her due date. There aren’t even words. . .

And in the midst of those difficult years, Travis’s health steadily declined. His joint pain became so bad he couldn’t roll over in bed without my help. When he went down stairs in the morning, he had to sit down and scoot down each step. One day he passed out at work and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. They ran multiple tests in the ER and eventually sent him home without answers.

Years passed as we visited doctors, and specialists, but still turned up empty-handed. Eventually we grew tired of them suggesting it was ‘all in his head’. We found a naturopath and, within the first visit, learned that Travis was suffering from Lyme disease and candida overgrowth.

Hearing ‘Lyme disease’ scared us. And when our naturopath said that nearly everyone had candida, we made the quick and foolish decision to ignore it and focus solely on Lyme.

By this time we had four young boys and I’d started experiencing ‘weird’ little things: a white-coated tongue, a skin rash that was slowly but steadily spreading, weight gain, bloating. . .but in view of Travis’s health issues, they seemed minor and silly to worry about.

We tried juice cleanses, fasting, coffee enemas, acupuncture, diet and exercise. Eventually we travel across the country to an alternative health clinic for Lyme in 2008. I’ll never forget how surprised I was when more than one person thought we were there because of my health instead of Travis's. My unhealthy obsession with trying to lose weight and stop the bloating was more visible than I realized.

While at the clinic we learned Travis had several allergies; gluten being the main one. Between the clinic and going gluten-free, many of Travis’s symptoms eased. . .for a while.

Then we heard about the book Nourishing Traditions. After devouring it from cover to cover, we realized that fat wasn't evil, and eating gluten-free wasn’t a good enough answer. Further research told us that many of the foods we ate (i.e. starches and even natural sugars) were feeding a common and underestimated problem called. . .candida.

Light bulb! There was that word again.

Five years after hearing about candida the first time, we decided it needed a second look and started researching. We found that nearly all of our ‘little’, ongoing issues pointed straight back to candida.

Further research told us that candida was supposed to be a ‘simple’ fix. All we had to do was stop eating sugar and starches. So we found a severely strict candida diet and were told we needed to follow it for 30 months. IF we cheated even once, we had to start the process all over again.

Suffice it to say, even though we gave it our best shot, we failed miserably.

Our candida journey became a quest beyond diet and anti-fungals. We spent several years digging, researching, reading, and experimenting.

Over time we started putting the puzzle pieces together and implementing them. Our candida overgrowth and symptoms eased, then disappeared, and have been kept in control since.

The events in our lives change us. We become who we are because of them. Our events taught us to embrace a healthier lifestyle and created a passion to take care of the bodies God gives us.

Travis used to say, “I feel like an 80 year old man in a 20 year old body”. But now we can both say without hesitation that we feel better in our 40’s than we ever did in our 20’s.

We’d love to help you feel the same.

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The Kicking Candida Program

Three phases walk you step-by-step 

through the protocol

You also get:

Three Candida Cookbooks

Healing Candida with Food is brimming with recipes that will grace your table any day of the week.

The Sweeter Side of Candida is the answer to sweets and desserts for any occasion.

Candida on Ice brings you delicious ice creams, smoothies, and frozen treats for everyone.

Expert Guest Speaker Videos

Grain-Free Cooking & Baking

Fermentation & Sourdough

Herbs & Natural Remedies


Using Essential Oils

Oral Health & Xylitol

Is Mold Making You Sick?

GMO's, Glyphosate, & Gut Health

Creating a Healthy Gut

The Link Between Grain & Chronic Pain

Optimizing the Paleo Diet

The Top 5 Time-Saving Tips

Candida Cooking Videos

. . .and two bonus ebooks!

Covering 9 common symptoms candida can cause women from UTIs, anxiety, weight gain, to skin issues - and what to do about them.

    Fight candida with some of the most powerful herbs and essential oils in your kitchen to make delicious soups, teas, and meals to enjoy.

    One of my favorite healthy living coaches

    "What I appreciate and love most about Paula is her passion for helping others live a healthier, more nourished life. There are so many of us who are in need of mentors to help guide us and encourage us on our path to improved health and wellness.

    Paula is by far one of my favorite healthy living coaches, which is why I’ve pointed so many of my friends and readers to her, and continually recommend her."

    - Kelly Smith
    Author, Owner - The Nourishing Home

    Practical steps are easy to implement

    "Paula's Kicking Candida program is the best out there! The information is solid and the practical steps Paula teaches are simple to implement (a must!).

    I love the program she's put together. Anyone with candida will feel hopeful that they can finally kick candida for good!"

    - Wardee Harmon
    Owner - Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS

    Coaching that gets results

    "The Kicking Candida Program is a step-by-step program where Paula guides you through the process of healing your gut start to finish. Paula provides coaching that not only gets results but offers an in-depth education on gut health and why and how the program works.

    If you are ready for real results and lasting lifestyle change that will bring you better overall health, I recommend working with Paula."

    - Kelly Rompel
    Pharm D. and Holistic Health Coach

    The most comprehensive candida program I've ever seen

    "This is the most comprehensive candida program that I've ever seen. Simple and practical, yet personalized with a hands-on coach every step of the way. Paula is my go-to for all things candida and I highly recommend her.

    If you need to rid your body of candida there's no other program I'd recommend."

    - Shannon Miles
    Holistic Health Coach, American Association of Drugless Practitioners

    The Kicking Candida Program

    • 3-Phase Protocol (PDF)
    • Links to recommended supplements, etc.
    • Three candida ecookbooks
    • Expert guest speaker videos
    • Candida cooking videos
    • 2 bonus candida-fighting ebooks

    NOTE: There may be additional costs for any supplements or products you choose to purchase. More details in FAQs below.


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    How is this program different from other candida programs?

    This program was created based on my husband and I's personal experience and success in getting rid of our candida overgrowth - along with new research and all the things we wish we would have had access to.

    The program is designed with three phases that dig into much more than just the ‘allowed’ and ‘not allowed’ candida food list. It’s a step-by-step guide that walks you through from beginning to end.

    Can I use this program if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

    As a mother of seven, I know how frustrating it can be to have hormones, stress, and lack of energy seemingly encourage more candida symptoms. While it’s hard to wait – the various lifestyle and diet changes involved in the program can potentially stir up toxins that are better left alone until after your pregnancy is over and you’re done breastfeeding.

    Until you can join us, I encourage you to focus on improving your immune health with a healthy diet of minimally processed foods and sugars, plenty of sleep (I know this can be hard to do!), light exercise, and stress reduction.Immediately after checkout, you will have full access to download your Kicking Candida Program PDF (with video links), three cookbooks, and two bonus books.

    How do I access the program?

    Immediately after checkout, you will have full access to download your Kicking Candida Program PDF (with video links), three cookbooks, and two bonus books.

    Are there other costs as I go through the program?

    Yes. One of the ways we’re different than other candida programs, is that we don’t include a box of supplements. Personally, we feel that’s very generic and doesn’t cater to you as an individual. One size doesn’t fit all.

    Instead, we make several suggestions through out the program for supplements, products, apps, etc. that you can look over and decide what works best for your situation.

    For instance:

    1. you may want to use your favorite probiotic brand that’s just as good as the several options we suggest. You absolutely can!

    2. maybe you’re allergic to walnut – then we don’t want to waste your time and money by sending you an anti-fungal with black walnut that you can’t use. Instead, you can look over the options we list and pick the ones you feel will work best.

    3. sometimes you have the option of either using a particular supplement or increasing certain foods (i.e. for glutathione) – you may want the ease of a supplement, or you may want the cost efficiency of eating more of a certain food. We want that choice to be yours – as it should be.

    At various times in the protocol we do suggest a variety of cleanses that are an integral part of the program. They’re not required, but we do feel our members get the best results from them. Each cleanse can vary from $70ish to $290ish. This is another reason we give you lifetime access - we want you to be able to pace yourself (and your wallet), based on the products you choose to use.

    What is the pace of this program? How long does it take?

    There’s no need to rush through and skip important steps.

    There are three phases and each phase varies in length based on you as an individual. Some members can complete a phase in a few weeks where others need more time. (We estimate that IF you were to go through the protocol one phase right after another, it would take 6-9 months. BUT – that doesn’t take into consideration. . .life.

    The protocol is planned out in a way that is easy and doable for everyone, but it’s important to listen to your body.

    Can my child go through the program?

    This program was created for adults. The dietary changes, recommended supplements, cleanses, etc. are written for an adult to follow.

    Some lessons DO include recommendations for a child, but not all of them. For instance, I don’t recommend a child, that doesn’t weigh the same as an average adult, to go through the cleanses, so I list suggestions in their place.

    However, some of the supplements recommended state simply, “follow the label for amounts”. Sometimes a label doesn’t specify how much a child should take or IF a child should take it. Because I’m not a doctor, I can’t give amounts or it’s considered a ‘prescription’.

    Whether or not it’s possible for your child to go through the protocol is dependent on if you, as the parent, are willing to make modifications. Also consider what your child can handle when it comes to a cleanses, restricted diet, and possible unpleasant side affects.

    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we’re happy to process a refund within 10 days of your original purchase. 

    Will this program prevent candida overgrowth forever?

    We can not legally claim that this program will cure your candida. Our goal isn’t to get rid of it (it’s a normal part of your gut flora), but to get it back under control and to create a healthy gut microbiome.

    Still got questions? Contact Paula below.